Nationwide ADS-B Network - Sweden
CNS Systems was selected by the LFV and Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, to implement the first nationwide system for the next generation of air traffic surveillance in 2007. The Network provides a complete coverage in Swedish airspace.

CNS Systems is the first company in the world to develop products for both aircraft and ground networks in compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) standard for VDL Mode 4. 

In close cooperation with the LFV group and international development programs, mobile transponders and ground stations have been developed and certified for use in air traffic management systems.


Airport Organiser System - Sweden
CNS Systems delivered the Airport Organiser system to the biggest airport in Sweden, Stockholm Arlanda airport. The system has been operational since 2004 and is comprised of a ground station and a number of vehicle transponders. The Airport Organiser which contributes to CDM is used for ground handling and coordination of all passenger busses operating at the airport.

In addition, vehicles operating in the airport’s manoeuvring area have been equipped and integrated in the ATC system together with the surface movement radar for more efficient surface operation.

Aviation Systems – Vietnam
CNS Systems was in August 2005 awarded a contract to supply equipment for offshore and SAR operations in the southern part of Vietnam. The system solution included the VDL 4000/GSI ground station and VDL4000/GA airborne transponder units installed in helicopters. The system is used for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance of Southern SFCs helicopter fleet operating offshore in southern Vietnam.

Aviation Systems - Qatar
CNS Systems delivered in 2005 an ADS-B based vehicle tracking system for surveillance at Doha International Airport in Qatar. The system solution included the VDL 4000 GSI ground station and VDL4000/AO vehicle transponder units.