AIS Airborne Solution

By utilizing AIS technology and data, situational awareness is greatly enhanced due to the aircraft’s extended VHF range. The dedicated VHF data link provides reliable information exchange between AIS equipped shore stations, off-shore platforms, vessels and aircrafts. Vessels can be identified, monitored and tracked from the aircraft. Also, the aircraft position can be monitored from shore or platform. 

A combination of airborne specific AIS hardware and software components creates the solution.


An AIS Airborne transponder, built in accordance with aviation standards, is installed on the aircraft. This unit transmits and receives the AIS data which includes vessel MMSI, navigation status and other voyage related data, IMO ship identification number, cargo type and other ship-related static data and AIS MSG 9, SAR aircraft position reports.

Pegasus Airborne Situational Awareness Software is an electronic charting system (ECS) designed to fit neatly into a ruggedized display, electronic flight bag, or integrated into the aircraft’s own display system.  It provides complete AIS integration with the ability to display static, dynamic, and voyage related information in real-time on a multitude of electronic chart formats.

Safer and more efficient SAR operations are possible. This solution provides operations centers the ability to see all assets deployed, and assets are able to see each other. Organizations responsible for coastal surveillance receive the benefit of extended marine domain awareness by using AIS in aircrafts.  Secure communications can be added thru software enablement.    
VDL 6000 Airborne AIS System - designed and built to aviation standards. 
Pegasus - is designed with advanced navigation and communication features. 

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