AIS Coastal, Inland and Port Solution 

A comprehensive monitoring and surveillance solution can be built and scaled based on each individual site and coverage area. 

Using AIS technology and data, the managing authority can identify specific vessels, their cargo and route, and communicate efficiently using the VHF data link.  An increase in safety and collision avoidance is achieved as a more complete picture of the current situation is provided.


These monitoring and surveillance activities are made possible by the AIS hardware and software components working in concert.  AIS data is received and transmitted via the VDL 6000/FASS base station.  The data is routed amongst the various nodes by DataSwitch, with Maestro serving as the top layer control for all AIS network elements.
CNS Systems’ Horizon, vessel traffic monitoring software, displays the situational picture and can be utilized for data exchange between AIS targets. Search and rescue operations can be directed and monitored on-shore using Horizon, which includes SAR pattern generation. Notification of and data collection relating to vessel movement into and out of user defined zones is also provided.  This can assist with vessel traffic management and analysis.

AtoNs can be monitored for quick notification of non-functioning features and to ensure proper location.  They can also be configured remotely, for ease of functionality changes such as light flash sequence changes.   

VDL 6000/FASS Base station- Deployed to receive and transmit AIS data. 
Horizon - Shore-based vessel management software.
Maestro - AIS Service Management (ASM) system.
DataSwitch - Is implemented for AIS data routing and management.  
DataStore - Logging, playback and filtering application.