AIS Off-Shore Solution

By utilizing AIS technology and data, situational awareness for off-shore structures is greatly enhanced.  Vessel traffic can be monitored and tracked, and vessels identified, from shore-based operation centers and the platform itself. 

The dedicated VHF data link provides reliable communication between AIS equipped shore, platforms, vessels and aircrafts.  With aircraft’s extended VHF range, the overall situational view is even more enhanced.


A combination of AIS hardware, display and data management software components create the solution.  Placement of a Base station on-shore and platform, AIS Class A Transponders on vessels, and Airborne AIS Transponders on aircrafts provide the hardware necessary to receive and transmit AIS data amongst your network of assets.

CNS Systems’ Horizon, vessel management software, installed on-shore and on platform gives the ability to view and track vessels, display specific vessel information and send/receive safety related and text messages.  Situations where a service craft, either vessel or aircraft, is deployed to a platform only to be turned back due to weather, will likely no longer occur.  Thus, great savings in time and cost will be realized.

Safer and more efficient SAR operations will also be seen.  This solution provides operation centers the ability to see all assets deployed, and assets are able to see each other.  Therefore, more assets can be actively engaged in the SAR operation for a quicker rescue.


VDL 6000/FASS Base stations - located in the operations center and on the platforms.
Horizon - a shore-based and platform based vessel management software.
DataSwitch- is implemented for AIS data routing and management.  
DataStore - provides logging, playback and filtering of data.


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