AIS On-board Secure Solution

CNS Systems offers a secure communication and surveillance solution that allows organizations to operate securely, discretely, and invisibly. 

The solution is comprised of AIS hardware and software components allowing organizations to communicate encrypted data.  The Secure system builds on existing AIS technology and supports a user to receive, schedule and transmit encrypted messages to other users.

This can include transmission of secure text messaging and to receive encrypted range and bearing.


Sentinel offers AIS standard and private communication capabilities to deliver a common operating picture to all friendly participants.    Sentinel users can receive, schedule and transmit encrypted messages to other Sentinel participants.  An encryption key is used to encode all information that will be broadcast over the VHF data link (position reports, targets of interest, etc.). 

CNS Systems offers complete customization of this technology to address the unique requirements of your organization.  Systems are scalable and can include an electronic chart display, navigation tools, sounder, AIS interfaces and display. Organizations can jointly, or independently, benefit from Sentinel software, including Coast Guards, Navies, Police, Port Authorities, and National Security Forces.  It is a cost effective solution for the latest surveillance capabilities and one of the most comprehensive secure information systems in the world.

VDL 6000 AIS Secure Class A - can be configured in “receive only” or “receive and transmit” mode.
Aldebaran II with Sentinel module - is an AIS surveillance and tactical information solution software.