AIS Secure Communication Solution

Security is one of a nation´s fundamental needs for all critical infrastructure, borders and coastlines. CNS Systems´ AIS Secure Communication Solution enables organizations to operate securely and send/receive encrypted messages utilizing AIS technology.

CNS Systems’ Sentinel enables encrypted messaging, covert tracking of vessels and a common operating picture for all Sentinel participants utilizing AIS technology. An encryption key is used to encode all information that will be broadcast over the VHF data link and only members of the network that share the same encryption key can see each other’s AIS data and special messages.

Sentinel is the secure communication module of CNS Systems´ Horizon software, a shore-based vessel management solution. 


VDL 6000/FASS Base Station - receives both standard and Secure AIS messages. 
Horizon - with Sentinel Module is an AIS surveillance, vessel monitoring and tactical information software solution.