AIS Ship-borne Solution

A comprehensive navigation solution with advanced functionality allowing for safe navigation, enhanced situational awareness, and AIS messaging is made possible with a AIS Class A/Inland Transponder combined with the Electronic Charting System (ECS), Aldebaran II

Aldebaran II has full integration with AIS allowing for the combination of navigational and situational information on one interface. 


The route planning and monitoring tools such as Voyage Recording, Chart Overlays, Autopilot, Waypoint Transfer, and True Motion allow for more efficient navigation leading to fuel and time savings.  The display of AIS targets on the chart plotter lead to enhanced safety and collision avoidance in high traffic areas. Search and rescue patterns are also included.

For Inland navigation, the VDL 6000 Inland AIS Transponder broadcasts Inland blue sign status messages for upstream or downstream navigation; ships passing on starboard side, hazardous cargo carriage (Blue Cones); and estimated time of arrival at locks, bridges and terminals. The information received from, and provided to, the ships is easily plotted on any ARPA radar or Aldebaran II.  This gives the Officer of the Watch greater situational awareness.
VDL 6000 AIS Class A/Inland Transponder- BSH-certified with integrated keyboard and display unit. 
Aldebaran II - ECS software, supports multiple chart formats and advanced navigation features.