VDL Mode 4 - Surveillance

The situation of both the maritime and the aviation market has changed during the past years and the involvement of civil security resources distinguishes the development of the two market areas today. 

The need for enhanced surveillance and more secure communication involves organizations in programs for deployment of traffic surveillance systems.


In many cases those organization are the driving part for implementation of surveillance systems, which normally are organized by the maritime authorities.

By implementing the VDL4 digital link and establishing an airborne network of communication, navigation and surveillance capabilities, problems will be solved by using airborne assets. The aircraft or rotorcraft will gather the surveillance data from air and distribute that data directly to the ground operation via satellite or to another airborne craft.

The ground operation has the option to receive multiple surveillance pictures from multiple aircraft and merge them into a comprehensive view of the waterway traffic. The system offers communication to one or multiple aircraft at the same time in order to generate a common situational awareness or perform direct command.

The company’s experience with VDL4 in the civil aviation market offers organizations additional surveillance and communication features to enhance existing command and control systems.  The products are delivered as COTS, with options for customization to meet specific needs.